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Segmentation Tools

Personalization and Targeting

Two terms that are essential to Email Marketing best practices. To reach the inbox consistently, you must be in tune to your subscribers’ interests. Email Integrations provides all the tools you need to collect data, segment it accordingly, and deliver a personalized message.

Create Data Collection Forms

Email Integrations easy to use Form Creator allows you to create your own data collection forms and insert them on your website. No API integration necessary. Simply tell the system what fields you want to collect, and Email Integrations platform does all the heavy lifting.

Present Multiple Subscription Options

Your subscribers are valuable. Email Integrations Publication management allows for them to set their preferences so they receive only mail that they are interested in. Create multiple publications and keep subscribers only in the places they want to stay, and lower your overall unsubscribe rate.

Target Customers by their Actions

Email Integrations behavioral filters enable targeting users by their specific actions. At a broad level, you can target those users who have opened and/or clicked on past emails. Take it a step further by setting a date range in which they performed the action. Any action performed by the user can be targeted at a granular level. Import your eCommerce data to follow up with past customers based on their past purchases, spending levels and more.

Target Customers by their Location

Any time a customer opens or clicks one of your emails, their location information is stored. Email Integrations geo-targeting tool allows you to segment your data into geographical areas and target your customers based on their specific location. Want to send only to customers within 100 mile radius of New York City? Not a problem. Simply set the filter to the city and distance range, and Email Integrations system does the rest!

Effectively target your audience

  • Purchase Behavior Targeting
  • Easy Sign Up Form Creation
  • Unsubscribe Preferences
  • Dynamic List Creation
  • Geo Targeting

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